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Carnivine - 53/147 - Uncommon - Reverse Holo

Carnivine - 53/147 - Uncommon - Reverse Holo

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Extra Info

Card Number: 53
Rarity: Uncommon
Illustrator: Satoshi Ohta
Retreat Cost: 2
Weakness: 1 +20
HP: 80
Stage: Basic
Card Type: Grass
Finish: Reverse Holo
Card Text:
Name: Carnivine
Set Name:
Attack #1: 2 Vine Whip (20)
Attack #2: 3 Swallow (30) Flip a coin. If heads, remove from Carnivine the number of damage counters equal to the damage you did to the Defending Pok
Set: Supreme Victors
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Edition: 1st, Unlimited

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